Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021

Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike2Product Introduction

A fit mind, body and soul open doors to long life and healthy living. As people are getting aware of staying fit and healthy, they have become very specific with respect to their dietary intake and workout regimen. Gyms, fitness centers, meditation centers, home gyms, etc…, have become the key areas of undertaking workout sessions. Since people are living sedentary work style, it becomes essential for them to undertake fitness activities. These days, people are opting to install fitness equipments in their residential spaces for easy and time saving workout. Exercise Bikes have become one of the favorite fitness equipments for people developing an in-house gym. It is very easy to install, assemble and place in residential spaces. They can be widely seen in gyms, corporate spaces and homes. Being small and compact in size and space, exercise bikes have made it easy for fitness lovers, athletes, etc…, to install in their desired location.

Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike” is a leading exercise bike from Horizon Fitness. It is one of the best recumbent exercise bikes that are perfectly and aptly made for people who require a lumbar support while working out. With recumbent exercise bikes, users can easily perform low impact exercises. Equipped with high tech features of recumbent exercising, users would find this biking meeting up with their expectations. With great ergonomic dynamics, the exercise bike enables the user to perform in comfortable postures.

Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike1Product Details

Horizon Fitness RC – 30 is the most affordable exercise bike amongst the other exercise bikes manufactured by Horizon Fitness. This bike suits the exact need of users who wish to stay fit by spending miniscule amount of money on exercise bikes. While shipping, Horizon Fitness C – 30 comes in a disassembled manner. With clear instructions stated by Horizon Fitness, users can easily assemble the bike without any hassle or misunderstandings. The exercise bike possesses a heavy duty rugged frame, which makes it a durable and strong built exercise bike. With solid frame, the user can be rest assured of his or her safety while working out. As a result, the exercise bike does not wobble as well. The flywheel weighs at ten pounds which is pretty heavy. Yet it allows the user to operate the bike smoothly.

Horizon Fitness RC – 30 is equipped with eight different preset workout programs. These eight workout programs are intervals, rolling, weight loss, tempo, manual, random, custom 1 and custom 2. With these eight workout programs, user can continuously work out to reach ones limits without touching the workout program buttons. Being a user friendly exercise bike, Horizon Fitness RC – 30 can easily aid the user in choosing amongst eight workout styles and eight levels of resistance. With Custom 1 and Custom 2 programs, users can develop and tailor their training regimen as per their requirements. Horizon Fitness RC- 30 measures at 66 x 52 x 26 inches and weighs at 275 lbs. Ideal for lumbar support, users can comfortably sit on its seat and start up with their fitness regimen. LCD display on Horizon Fitness RC – 30 is large and clear enough to access while working out. Horizon gives lifetime warranty on frames, 20 years on brake and one year on labor and parts.


Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike3

  1. Horizon Fitness RC – 30 is a perfect recumbent exercise bike. People with lumbar support can immediately start up their fitness regimen.
  2. The exercise bike can match up well within the budget. This recumbent bike is equipped with superior features that too in affordable price range.
  3. The exercise bike can easily accommodate users’ upto a weight of 275 lbs.
  4. The seat is specially designed for people requiring lumbar support. Hence, the seat is comfortable for one and all.
  5. The LCD screen comprises of several features. The monitor enables the user to track pulse grip and heart rate.


The only disadvantage with this bike is its set up time. Thought the process of assembling is simple, yet it takes time in completing its final installation. Hence users need to keep up with patience in order to install and assemble it completely.


Horizon Fitness RC -30 is an ideal exercise bike for recumbent exercising. Users can comfortably perform their fitness routine with this affordable exercise bike.


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